Thursday, January 18, 2018

  1. ENT Clinic in BLF Hospital [ View More ]
  2. New ENT Clinic opened in OPD of BLF Hospital during lionistic year 2006-07 which started functioning from February 2007.

  3. BLF Mother & Child Care Centre [ View More ]
  4. The BLF runs a Mother & Child Care Centre for treatment of poor and destitute mothers & children free of cost.

  5. BLF Education Fund [ View More ]
  6. BLF Education fund was created in 1989 to provide financial assistance to the blind students as well as other poor & meritorious students in the pursuance of education in different fields like Agriculture, Medical, Engineering, University, College & General Education.

  7. Physiotherapy Clinic [ View More ]
  8. Physiotherapy Clinic was established during last Lionistic year 2005-2006 in order to make physiotherapy treatment facilities available within BLF’s own premises at annex accommodation of Lions Bhaban Complex at very cheaper cost for our Lion Members.

  9. Dental Clinic [ View More ]
  10. Dental Clinic also opened in BLF premises adjacent to BLF Project Development Office on the south of BLF & Hospital Complex.

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