Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Serial No.Treatment NameSerial No.Treatment Name
3Buckle Explant4Removal of Silicon Oil
5GAS6Inj. Triamcinolone
7Inj. Avastin8Dropped Nucleus/IOL Removal Surgery
9Surgical Management of Endophthalmitis10Macular Hole Surgery
11RD Surgery12AV
15PPV16B. Scan USG of Eye
17Laser Therapy-PRP18CFP
21SICS+IOL22Phaco (Solid Lens)
23Secondary IOL Implant Surgery24Scleral Fixation IOL (Sec.)
25Retinal Detachment Surgery26Anterior Vitrectomy
27Trabeculectomy28Combined (Trab+ECCE)
29Phaco (Foldable Lens)30Trab + Phaco
37Pterygium Excision (Simple)38Pterygium (Grafting)
39Symblepharon40Conjunctive Repair
41Chalazion42Tarsorraphy/Conj. Hooding
43Release of Tarsorraphy44Enucleation/Evisceration
45Orbit Implant46Orbital Surgery
47Lid Repair48Ectropion & Entropion Correction
49Ptosis Correction50Squint Correction
51Corneal Transplantation52Corneal Wound Repair
53Post PKP repair/Resuture54Epilation (Minor O.T)
55Puncture of Cyst56Excision Biopsy (Orbit)
57Excision Biopsy58Excision Biopsy (Conjunctiva)
59Limbal Dermoid Removal60Post Operative Repair or Wash
61Abscess Drainage62Inj. Sub Conj./Sub Tenon
63Intra Vitreal Inj. (Antibiotic)64Corneal F.B (O.T & OPD)
65Stitch Removal (O.T & OPD)
Lions Eye Institute & Hospital is providing comprehensive health services with the best surgeons, the latest and highly sophisticated medical equipment and facilities. Below are list of services offered by Lions Eye Hospital:

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