Sunday, August 14, 2022

High Rised Multi-Complex Building of BLF (Multi Purpose Project)

Proposed High Rised Multi-Complex Building for BLF & Lions Eye Institute & Hospital was planned by BLF Management during lionistic year 2005-06 and subsequently approved in the 30th AGM of BLF (held on 17/06/2006). According to the decision of AGM, 2 high power Committee (Advisory Committee & Working Committee) were formed to supervise & complete the task of construction of the multi-complex building. During last 2 years both Advisory Committee & Working Committee held several meetings and now appointment of Architect Consulting Firm is in process. One Technical Sub-Committee has also been formed headed by Ln. Engr. Iqbal H. Khan PCC who are scrutinizing the technical aspects of 11 offers of Architect Consulting Firm received by BLF.

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